Vortex are a diverse business, offering a variety of on-site mechanical services to their customers.

Our engineers are able to undertake servicing, repair and maintenance tasks across a wide range of machinery, plant and equipment.

We use industry-leading techniques such as thermal imaging to pinpoint and even forecast mechanical failures, preventing or reducing downtime and costs.

We have experience in various areas including:

  • Recycling/materials processing

  • HGV's

  • Mobile plant/equipment

  • Diesel engines

  • Marine

  • Quarrying

  • Automotive

  • Rail

We offer a range of spare parts/components including:

  • Electric Motors

  • Gearboxes

  • Bearings

  • Conveyor belts/vulcanising services

  • Consumables

  • Service Kits

  • Tools

We pride ourselves on being a "one-stop shop" so if its not listed, just ask!